Friday, August 28, 2009

We have caught the lion!

"When spider webs unite, they can tie up a lion". (Der biyaber anbeussa yasser)
---Ethiopian proverb (Amharic)

We were repeatedly told that the adoption of Y would not work.
The Sisters at Asco prayed and worked so, so, very hard for her.
We made two trips to Ethiopia.
Her smiling face and insane antics kept us going.
You all walked with us and thought of us.

We have caught the lion!
"The" letter has been signed, sealed and delivered. We received the news about 20 mins ago!

What are the next steps:
The letter will be sent to the regional authorities who are actually below the authorities who wrote the first letter. (One week)
Paperwork goes to Gladney in Ethiopia (One week)
Gladney gives us the referral of Y (this is laughable to us, really)
Court date scheduled
Once we pass court, we will fly to Ethiopia. (Maybe November??)



Jonathan, Stacy, & Peter Peterson said...

Screams, I am SO SO HAPPY!!!

yeah! overflowing with joy for you!

Also, will continue praying everything goes smoothly.... and that there are no further bumps.

Thanks for sharing!

Wow... ahhh!!

Adam said...

I am so glad to hear things are working out and I hope that this next stage moves quickly!!!

Colleen and JF Bertrand said...

WONDERFUL news! How exciting!!! BTW- We were in Chi-town, but for such a short period of time. My family is from there. When we get back- I will let you know. I would love to meet you!

Jane said...

Richelle, this is the very best news I've heard in a long time! I've been thinking of you guys everyday and waiting for a post like this!! WOOHOOOOO!

Lindsey said...

How ABSOLUTELY amazing for you guys! That is awesome news!

los cazadores said...

Luh-Luh-Luh-Looooooovvvveee This News, R. A better Friday morning was rarely, if ever, had; this news takes the cake! Congrats, sweet one. May you and N soon be united with that precious girl.

Big Smile from OK,


Maribeth said...

Did you hear that high pitched scream?!! That was the most excited squeal of delight here in Ohio this morning!! What terrific news! HOORAY!!

one + one said...

I think it's time to update the timeline!!


Rebecca said...

You have fought for your daughter with every fiber of your being. You have endured so much and have had to have such a strong and unmovable heart- even in the darkest of dark times. She has been your daughter from those early moments of recognition that has led to overwhelming love. You have been a wonderful mother for her as N has been a wonderful father. Y is your daughter. What we all know, now the courts will recognize. Shall we dance in the streets? Today- everything can feel right with the world.

Jen said...

Yeahhhhh!!!!! i can't wait until this little girl is home:)

~Rachel~ said...

Yay!! So excited for you.

Johnna said...

Let the nesting begin!
Also, as auntie I feel I should put my work experience to test by teaching her english... through song... using Boom, Boom, Pow!!!!!!!!!!

Tam said...

Oh MY Freakin...... WTH?!?!?!
This is what I get for not blog-stalking enough.

I am soo indescribably excited for the 2 of you - no, the THREE of you!!!!

So we HAVE to go celebrate!!

ps, your going to be a mum!!!

Mark and Heidi said...

AaaaaahhhhH! What wonderful news!!!

Amanda said...

Yaaaaayyyyyy!!!!!!!!! This made me cry. This is so wonderful, congrats!!

CB said...

So very happy for you!! Maybe we will be in Ethiopia together picking up our daughters!!!

Steve Thorngate said...

Congratulations--very exciting news.

More Dorrs said...

How did I miss this news?!?! Must be referral brain...

This is great!!! Fantastic!!!

Perhaps we'll be travel buddies...


Ryane said...

Great news!! I've been wicked busy lately so I am just seeing this, but I just wanted to say Congrats.