Thursday, August 20, 2009

So Very Deep

Not since the Mefloquin induced madness of 1995 have I had as many crazy dreams as I have had recently. What appears to be happening is my mind processes 99 million things during the day and then barfs it up when I sleep at night. Last night's was a real doozy:

N and I have been thinking about starting to create Y's room. With the impending *good* news of next week coinciding with some vacation time off, it seemed a lovely time to make Y a space. What says cheap and cute like Ikea?

We are also still trying to get that letter that is really important for Y's situation.

I dreamed that Ikea had the power to write the letter, but they did not do it. I think I woke up wondering if I should consider Macy's as a second source. Things that make ya go "hmmmm."

In other news, N is home, DC was bitchin, Teddy Afro is out of jail and Addis Ababa University FINALLY has a female professor!


Amanda said...

Lol at the crazy's funny what the subconscious can come up with:)

Rebecca said...

This is like one of those posts that intially makes me laugh and then -look out- crazy hormonal mom-to-be tears are about to flow. Tears of happiness that you can begin to think about planning a room. I love this. I want this for you so badly. Maybe I can dream walk to BabiesRUs and get them to write the letter.

Mark and Heidi said...

That's a great crazy dream, LOL. Wish you really could head over to Ikea or Macy's for that letter!


los cazadores said...

Ooh, thanks for that article on Teddy Afro, I hate to say it, but lately I check ET news less often, been busy, but want to know! Want to get back into reading many articles.

Yes that dream is quacky, but I too have bizarre dreams and you just never know if they could portend something...! :)