Thursday, August 13, 2009

Triumphal Arrival, Tragic Departure and the Faux Ethiopian Photo Shoot...

I head to DC in the morning (which is a mere six hours away and two more dirty rooms left to clean,but whose counting?). I look forward to a joyous reunion with N as he will be arriving from Ethio after five glorious weeks. We will stay in DC for a few days hanging with our good pals Nicki and Mesfin. Nicki and I worked in Ethiopia together. She, the lovely urbanite to my village inspired life. We had some good times. She shared the joy in my engagement and I watched in awe as she fooled everyone into thinking she was truly Habesha. (See? You thought so to, right? Nope----) We are so thrilled to be able to attend a baby shower for them while in DC!

N's arrival means a sad good-bye with Y. I haven't yet talked to him, but I know that it will be tough to leave when it feels like we are on the cusp of change. Inshallah, right?

Enjoy a couple of photos that are hilarious (to us) circa 2007. Every good Ethiopia home has a photo book. When you look inside you see some lovely photos such as these. Focus on the guys picture (I couldn't upload the BEST one of Nicki and I!)

Peace out!

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Jen said...

enjoy your reunion and I will keep praying that Y joins you soon