Monday, August 10, 2009

No need for speed (And the creek did rise!)

Relax my readers!

News will not be coming today.

Or tomorrow.

Or next week.

Perhaps in two weeks.

Our man has decided to extend his annual vacation by two weeks and thus cannot write us the ever important letter.

Whatcha gonna do?


Colleen and JF Bertrand said...

would a glass of wine help? I am sorry he has extended his vacation:o( Poo!

Amanda said...

I am impatient for you!! Thinking of you, and boo to the extended vacay.

Ryane said...

Praying you'll get the news you are hoping for soon.

We'll be traveling to Addis in mid September if you'd like me to deliver anything.

Ryane :)

CB said...

Thinking of you!

the bradleys said...

stupid creek.

los cazadores said...

Will check back for news! Since you are running again - and at high altitude!, you will run Philly with me...? :)


Jen said...

I really admire your patience. I could take a few lessons. What to do? Sometimes I struggle with the need to throw a fit-rumplestilskin style- but what does it accomplish:) Praying