Sunday, November 1, 2009

Court date countdown (18 days)

I could play it chill and pretend that I am hopeful but not holding my breath for passing court on the 18th, but that would be a BIG.FAT.LIE. This is for sure the hardest wait that we have felt in this process. We have had some other very hard times, but this wait actually has a timeline. And for better or worse I am planning our life of togetherness which I hope will "officially" begin on the 18th. You can play witness to the next 18 days of our life! :)

Today's fun highlights included a nice long run, the successful feeling of completing a cleaning project and thoughts of some wine this evening.

To balance the fun highlights, I should mention that my true feelings right now are that of total stress and "how in the world can I get everything done" which relates only casually to Y and more to work and other commitments.

Peace out! See you tomorrow and the day after, and the day after that until we reach the 18th!


one + one said...

T minus 17 days!

Hopefully your hectic schedule over the next couple of weeks will make the time fly by!!

Amanda said...

The countdown is on! Does this mean you guys would get her in 18 days?
A good run, successful cleaning project and wine sounds like a fabulous day!

Rebecca said...

I just have to trust that you have been through enough ... all of you. You need to be united!!! I'm counting down with you ... ready to celebrate the finally.