Monday, October 26, 2009

To market I should go

Ever since we got our court date, the thought that Y will actually be living and breathing in our house has become so real in our minds that sometimes I am overwhelmed. Our defense mechanism for the last year has been "well, we don't really know when things will happen." While that is still true, at least we have some kind of date (that would be November 18th, 2009 in case you forgot). And that makes me think only one thing: holy shnikes we have a TON to do! Good thing I am taking time out of my busy schedule to blog and eat veggie chicken nuggets at midnight! If you name your fears/stresses, doesn't that help them to go away? That's what I'm going with, so here is the list of things we need to do:
1. Choose a middle name for Y
2. Buy a bed/totally make her entire room AMAZING! :)
3. I actually can't think of a number 3, but you can see how 1 and 2 are fairly consuming.

Presently Y owns the following items:
1. "I *heart* MJ t-shirt
2. Colorful Nike's from Aunt J
3. Books from Nanna Main
4. A rug from the Amish peeps in Wisconsin
5. Rocking chair from WR garage sale
6. Cabbage Patch Kid and blocks from Amanda
7. About $20 worth of cute sale clothes from the Gap purchased by myself and N.

What else do you need for a 3 year old? Anything? :) Your thoughts on this issue will be greatly coveted!


Tanya said...

Crayons, markers, paper....a must! Color Wonder is nice since there is no clean-up, but nothing replaces the actual colored markers--just make sure they are washable! Thinking of you and all families with court dates in the next few weeks.

Amanda said...

I have no clue about the needs of a 3 year old, but that's exciting getting everything ready for her! You guys need to have an adoption-shower:)

Mark and Heidi said...

I don't know but when you figure it out would you please tell me! I have a feeling one of ours is going to be that age and I am feeling clueless in spite of thinking and reading about it for over a year now!!

I did decide to get a stroller, as most people I know with kids that age say their children still like to ride sometimes.

Good luck with the planning. So fun!

Guard Wife said...

I'm so glad I'm not the only one feeling overwhelmed. I feel like I've been marking time so long & just when I was starting to become sort of used to it, someone said, "Your 5-year-old is on her way SOON--ready, set, GO!"


We have a huge list ourselves. Story of my life!

5 for

Jen said...

I have loved my rocking chair and books...tons and tons of maybe a library card. Buy a good and comfy chair. Mine was not that expensive and it swivel/rocks. We snuggle and read books before naptime and bedtime. She had a hard time sitting still for books but combine the two and she loves them:)

Counting down with you:)