Thursday, November 5, 2009

Full House

and not the cheesy family show that I did in fact watch religiously in the '90s!

Our great friend Chantal is getting married to our great friend Jermaine this weekend! Don't you just love it when you are totally and fully excited for something wonderful to happen in the lives of people you love?

Our house is command central and full of life and madness! Chantal's family is in from France and I am loving seeing Chicago through the eyes of French teenagers! It certainly brings out the beauty in the mundane---today they were in love with the street squirrels and the apartment buildings; both things I certainly take for granted! They have been pleasantly surprised at how "not everyone is fat" and that the food is actually better than they thought. They did mention that the shoes in our stores are about a year behind Paris fashion. Sigh. What do you expect from the Midwest, kids?

Tomorrow is the day before the wedding. Not Friday. But the day before THE event. Manicures, rehearsals, lunches and dinners are in order. Oh, did I mention that my friend Ace and I are making ALL of the wedding cupcakes? Yup! 350 of them! Don't ask me about my professional baking skills, because they do not actually exist! Cross your fingers that success will be ours!!!


Rebecca said...

this sounds like so much fun and such a great distraction!!!

Rahel said...

You got it girl! Distraction is totally the name of the game! How did you figure that one out??? :)

Mark and Heidi said...

Lovin' this blog every day thing! Is that Ace of Cakes helping you with the cupcakes - oh, wait, they are in Baltimore, aren't they. Well I'm sure they will turn out great! Now I can't stop wondering what shoes are in fashion in Paris! I wonder if those high healed ankle boots are all the rage. They seem to be the hot thing in New York these might have just spurred on an excuse for some retail therapy!

Sam's mom said...

350 cuppy-cakes? Are you insane? HOW are you going to do that with manis, pedis, lunches, rehersals and teen-entertaining?
I'm guessing you are reverting back to college crap sessions no sleep + Mt Dew to pull you through?
GOOD Luck. Can't wait to see pictures on Monday.