Friday, November 6, 2009


Wake up (check)
Drink coffee (check)
Buy American donuts for French house guests to try (check)
Shop for cupcake ingredients (check)
Pick up wedding guests from airport (oops--no time, they better meet me at the train)
Mani/Pedi (check)
CUPCAKES (checking, and will continue to check after the rehearsal dinner)

Present state: Scarf in my hair (B-you know the one/style! :), TONS of chocolate on my dingy sweater, whitening strips on my teeth. I am so hot! Must shower and prepare for rehearsal dinner!

Peace out! (And 12 days until court!)


one + one said...

Ummm, is this the dirty yellow one or the black one with sequins? Either way- H. O. T.

Rebecca said...

oh my!!! dunkin donuts? there is like one on every corner in the entire Chicago metro. cupcakes sound really good right now. good luck with everything!!!

Amanda said...

How did the cupcakes turn out?

Rahel said...

cupcake photos and summary to come! and yes, rebecca....they were dunking donuts! What else!!!