Wednesday, September 2, 2009

"No good, man!"

(My favorite client in the whole world uses that expression to describe EVERYTHING!)

Guess what is a total pain in my world?

Plantar Fasciitis. I have it. Some kind of rocks-stuck-in-your-foot-and-you-want-to-die heel problem.It is so freaking painful and also apparently my fault, or so the kinda judgemental Physical Therapist explained. Something about not stretching enough, bad running shoes and increasing my mileage too fast. What? Me?

I am aiming to run the Detroit Free Press Half Marathon on the 18th of October with my friend MMG. I had dreams of a 1:59:59 pace. Not sure that will happen. It might be more like "kicked off the course because you ran too slow." No good, man!

Not only is this painful, it is sad, man! You see, I love to eat things like triple creme brie, sour cream and tortilla chips. (Separately, of course). This isn't just about running races, this is about obesity prevention, man!

My Bikram yoga teacher has kindly modified some of the poses for me so at least I can keep yoga-ing. Arg!

Anyone ever had this?


one + one said...

Sorry, babe. At least you don't have something crazy infectious up in there!!

MMG said...

Well, maybe you'll just have to run at my pace and finish at 2:20 like I expect to! When do I get to come to Bikram with you?

Jane said...

No good at all. :( I'm sorry!

Amanda said...

My hubby had this for a while, he did lots of stretches and it finally got better but I don't think his case was too bad. I'm sure your PT gave you lots of stretches, but google it as well. I had a few twinges in my PF and used a vodka bottle out of the freezer as a roller. I've also heard of freezing water in dixie cups to do the same thing. Just put the cold bottle on the ground and roll your foot over it. I'm sorry you have a running injury :(

Tam said...

It's a very popular condition. All the cool kids are getting it.
Tennis balls are very helpful. Rub your feet on them first thing when you wake up. And, may I suggest massage? :-)

Maribeth said...

Girl, I feel your pain. My knee set me back a good couple of weeks, and now my backend has kept me on the sidelines (well, maybe that's just a crappy excuse). Get some ice on those feet and hang in there!

Tam said...

This might make your feets feel better, I re-tagged you!

Colleen and JF Bertrand said...

Oh no! Keep stretching your foot! That is so bad. I think I mentioned that I am running a 1/2 marathon the same day. I will be thinking of you! Hope your foot heals fast!

CB said...

I asked our case worker if we would have an early court date because we received a referral before the courts closed-she said that it does not go in any type of, we have NO clue at all. I am praying so hard that we get the call as soon as courts open-We are no where near ready as far as our house goes but our hearts have been ready for so long to have Baby B here with us.
If I hear anything, I will let you know!

Rebecca said...

Just sending you some love through the blogosphere. How are you? What's the latest?