Monday, September 28, 2009

Life and some of what it entails

I'm not sure why I haven't posted in several weeks! Y has been through a lot in the past three weeks, and we have been vicariously experiencing what we perceive her emotions to be during this time. Some good, some bad, some blah. Since last posting, she has been moved from one orphanage to another and all of her paperwork should now be complete. We imagine the move was life shaking for her and still feel a bit sad about it. We called one day to find out that she was no longer in the orphanage that she has always been at (!panic!), and two days later we got the news on where she was for sure. Many, many, many phone calls and e-mails to Addis helped us to figure out what was really going on and the status of the adoption. We now expect to receive our referral sometime this week if all goes as planned...and you know how that is!

Since last posting we have celebrated Ethiopian New Years, our 6th wedding anniversary, biked a whole lot, I attempted to run a little bit more and we have both continued with our jobs and life in general. Fall is totally here as I felt a strong chill in the air this morning!

Oh, and I went to Michael Jackson's birth house yesterday. Don't be jealous. I will post photos of that later!


CB said...

Thinking of Y and the changes in her life. Glad to see you back!

Colleen and JF Bertrand said...

How is your foot????? Are you still doing the 1/2 marathon on the 18th? I tried to sign up for mine a few weeks ago and it was FULL already!! I was infuriated! So I signed up for one on Nov 8th. If you are running on the 18th, I will be thinking of you.