Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Race Report---10K

Here is a *lovely* photo to go along with the report!
I ran my first ever 10K on Saturday! (59:53) It was a lovely day to run and a wonderful cause (Susan G Komen Race for the Cure). I ran in memory of my Aunt Lizzie who had breast cancer and passed away in 1999. She was a very special lady with a whole lot of class and tons of zeal for life! My cousins and I had talked about doing a race together in her memory, but it was not possible to do one all together given our diverse geographical locations. When my colleague (who was running in memory of her mother) asked me to run, I really wanted to do it. Despite my persistant foot pain, I was able to complete the run (albeit slowly) and I am so glad that I did. I really love races. I love the atmosphere and being around others who care about their own health and setting goals to accomplish. I love watching the super fast runners, but love the slow and steady ones as well. I just love to be in the middle of it. By dear friend came to cheer me on and then we binged on Mexican breakfast food post race. Can you get any better than that?
The future of my running? Well, the foot still hurts and I am fairly out of shape after 3 weeks off. However, I just love running and hope to do a 15K in November, but will not be running the 1/2 marathon in October!


Amanda said...

I'm sorry your foot is bothering you, but great job on your 10K. I think you're speedy, I'd love a 59:53 10K, my best is a little over an hour I think. I just love race atmospheres, it's so much fun to be out there with everyone. Way to go!

MMG said...

Uh...that's still at least 10 minutes faster than I would have run it.

los cazadores said...

I'm late, but a huge congratulations to you! I also love binging on Mexican breakfast.