Thursday, April 29, 2010

Our day(s)

I'm eating Mac n'Cheese while I listen to the sounds of my little one laugh with her bestie and frenemy (half friend/half enemy) from Eritrea. They are screaming and laughing and Y is trying to teach him how to sing a K'naan song. They are running around like mad and kinda making me a little bit crazy, but they are happy so I don't really mind!

This is my new life. It is hard and good.

The lack of blogging speaks to the lack of free time. Which is also hard, but good.


Rebecca said...

i feel you. yay for coming out of our blog cocoons.

Meg said...

So good to see you back in the 'sphpere! I hope you and Y are enjoying spring...and that macaroni and cheese. Yum. Hope to see you soon!