Sunday, March 14, 2010

My new love interest

Seriously, I can't get enough of this man.

His smoky salsas.

His rich moles.

Mouth watering guacamole.

This man was made for him; and I for him.

Here's to you Rick Bayless

I checked out this amazing cookbook (and I am providing you a direct link to Amazon so that you can get your own) from the library last week and I can't stop making his food. Yes, you may know him from Top Chef Masters, but he was actually famous in Chicago long before that. His restaurants have seriously long lines, but are seriously delicioso. Even the Obamas love him. (And if he is good enough for Michelle and Barack, he is good enough for me)This man keeps it real on Public TV every week with a lovely cooking show. He is a bit quirky (and don't get me started about how strange his daughter is....weird), but his food stands alone.

Hurry up and make some of his food. Do it. You won't be sorry! First this, then head over to my friend's blog for another good recipe and then spend hours googling all of the other recipes you can find from Rick Bayless. Love him.


MMG said...

We've packed up every cookbook for our move, but left the Rick Bayless ones out! I can't get by a week without him!

the bradleys said...

I used to watch his cooking show on PBS. I think he's great.

Molly said...

I forgot to tell you- I saw him this weekend! Quirky man. :) I can't wait to try his recipes!

Meg said...

Yum! Yes, Rick Bayless is fantastic! I've eaten at 2 of his restaurants, but never tried out his cookbooks! I'll check them out! It was great meeting you this week! Let's do it again soon; I'd love to meet Y! (did I use enough exclamation marks?)

Laura Vermette said...


Have you ever seen the movie Julie & Julia? You could create your own version of the movie by cooking one Rick Bayless recipe every day for a year, blog about it, and then someone will make a movie called Rahel & Rick.

You should TOTALLY do it! :)