Saturday, January 9, 2010

Week in review

Y has her first play date!!! ( I actually hate that word and need a new term.....anyone???
Whata week.


N returned to work

Two trips to social security; one unsuccessful and one victorious

One Dr's visit

One ER visit (not Y, thankfully....N had a strange freak accident at work, but is fine now!)

Lice (minor, really)

33 loads of laundry


Some tantrums
Y's beloved Aunt Johnna has left the building (final semester of law school!!!)

First tacos

First play date (did you know that it takes three adults to make two kids happy? it does!)

Injera b'wat every single day of the week

Gena celebration with two other adoptive families (you think we had time for a picture?? no way!)
The ups and downs continue, but I gotta say that this was a pretty good week! I never could have handled this week two weeks ago, if that makes sense.....but now with more sleep and less sickness under my belt, I felt pretty good to go!
Headed to yoga today. Aaagh. First time in awhile......


Jen said...

ohhhh yoga! I so miss it. Need to get back into my schedule. I agree on the "playdate." In the 18 years of parenting...I have hated that word. Have never figured out an alternative word. Share if you come up with one.

Evelyn said...

Yay for yoga and for another week down! Have a great weekend!

los cazadores said...

Oh yes, let's think of another word for the blasee "playdate"....just like Stay-At-Home-Mom...what terrible title. I don't just stay at home, folks.

How about "Tot Soiree"?

So happy to read there is improvement by the week.