Sunday, January 24, 2010

Parenting score card

I'm pretty sure every parent has the struggles of wondering if they are good enough for their child. I certainly do. I had lunch with super mom and her kids last week and started the mad comparison game of "why can't I roll more like her?" Super mom (certainly not the title she would give herself, but the one that she totally deserves) has three kids. I have one, but feel like I have three. Super mom remembered to bring 88 snacks in her purse. I forgot all of mine. Super mom's kids politely interacted with both me and my child. My child....ummmmm... Super mom let her kids listen to musical greeting cards while we walked around Target. I just wanted Y to sit in the cart and keep her hands to herself.

You know what I've learned in my six weeks as a parent? I'm super task oriented when it comes to my interactions with Y and I really need to chill the heck out and PLAY more. I'm great at making sure she is only putting healthy food down her mouth (broccoli cake anyone? rather lovely, actually) and that she is always clean and smells great. But I don't usually make games out of putting her shoes on and just sit on the floor and play with her. I really need to do that more. (This may have been some sort of New Years Resolution of mine...)

Cognitively, I know that she connects best when time is directly devoted to her. Not to the food she eats or the clean clothing that she wears. But to her. Oh, the balancing act. Wow. That's the challenge.

On the score card of parenting, I think I need to work harder to increase my score. And I gotta say that the little one is pure (ok, 96.4%) delight right now making things lots happier for all of us. Lots of progress over here.

In other news, I'm back to work and the sky seems to be falling at my office. Not sure how much longer the office will exist, but I will remain for awhile if only to help bring home the (veggie) bacon.


Ramón said...

As they say here in China, "Man man lai". Loosely translated, it means little by little it will come. Hang in there, Richelle!

Evelyn said...

I don't think there are any supermoms that have only been moms for 6 weeks. Sounds like you are doing good things, seeing what works and what doesn't and improving where you can. Sounds like a good mom to me.

FYI, I feel like horridmom A LOT. We are pretty new at this.

Meg said...

Thanks for the honest post! I don't think after only 6 weeks you should be too hard on yourself; it sounds like you are off to a great start. I'm sure as time passes things begin to feel easier and easier. Your friend has had 3 kids to sort things out! Keep it up1
Meg B-Chicago

one + one said...

i prefer to think of it as a parenting continuum. :)

but if it were a score card, you would already be in the hall of fame.


Maribeth said...

Boy have I struggled with the supermom persona! I may have 10 snacks in my purse, but I'm the first to go bonkers when everyone is crying and freaking out! Even the supermoms fall apart sometimes! I've learned to accept that being a supermom for me means a messy house and mismatched socks but a family that laughs in spite of it all

Jen said...

It sounds like you are doing great. The fact that you are as introspective as you are...means you are ten steps ahead of most first-time (and prob third time) moms. I have been able to stop and enjoy B but with that comes the realization that I did not do that with the older kids.... lve your posts. Keep'em coming:)

los cazadores said...

Okay, this resonated with me on a sub-earthian deep level. I am emailing you.