Saturday, February 27, 2010

A great gift

Y has been home with us for about two and a half months! As I look back over our first weeks together, I realize how each new day brings a greater sense of comfort for all of us. Although we longed to have Y join our family (since August 2008) and we all thought that we "knew" each other well, what we knew that we wanted (to be a family) was still a struggle. We have good days and bad days. We just had a really great week together. She recently said to N "I waited a long time for you to come." She remembers the waiting just like we do. When I am in my most centered moments, I am able to think and remember just how much we longed to be with Y and that brings a greater sense of calmness to what has sometimes felt overwhelming. We longed for her. We want her. It doesn't matter how hard some days are; other days are pure joy! She has a strange sense of emotional maturity that can sometimes make me think she is so much older than she really is; and other times she seems like a baby. Not a toddler, but a tiny baby. I love her age and I am thankful for the fact that God knew what he was doing when Y joined our family. From her outrageously spunky and "up-for-anything" personality (she loves ice skating, sledding, running, smoked salmon and tacquerias) to the fact that she can go to the bathroom mostly by herself, we truly enjoy having a toddler in our family.

As much as we love our little Y as a toddler, sometimes I wonder what she was like as a baby-baby. You know, like before she could walk and talk. We know bits and pieces of her life story. Some days I think she is the luckiest little one alive and other days I wonder why she has had to endure so much in her short human experience. Time will tell how she processes her experiences and what she makes of the world, but for now we are thankful that she seems to be adjusting well. Since we did miss her baby years, we were shocked and so very thankful to receive what we consider to be the most amazing gift of all times. A *wonderful* family from Italy adopted a daughter from Y's orphanage. Like us, they had volunteered in the orphanage and knew the child they were planning to adopt. They had a long journey (also like us) and visited the orphanage many times over the YEARS (ok, not like us) it took them to complete their adoption.

Guess what they gave us? They had been taking pictures of Y for the three years that they had known her...almost her whole life. We received a DVD of over 100 pictures. What a gift. It is something that we will treasure forever. Enjoy some of her cuteness.


Evelyn said...

What a beautiful gift! So touching and so thoughtful! I love your story. Though I did not know my boys, I longed for them, too. Being centered enough to remember that brings a whole new dimension to their tantrums or bad days. Hope you are all doing well. I love, love the pictures.

one + one said...

Oh- those pics make me melt. What a beautiful girl and such a wonderful gift.

Missy said...

That is a priceless gift! And such cute pictures!!!

Meg said...

WOW, that truly is a priceless gift! Y is pretty stinkin' cute and when she is older I'm sure she will really appreciate a glimpse of her baby years!
I saw your comment on my blog and would love to meet sometime for coffee, great idea and thanks for the invitation.
Have a great week,
Meg B-Chicago

Colleen and JF Bertrand said...

What a treasure!

los cazadores said...

She loves taquerias? We are soooooooooo destined to be great buds. No bones.

That IS an incredible gift you received from the Italian family, beyond


Maribeth said...

So... it's taken me a month and a half to get back to reading blogs. That's embarrassing!

This certainly is a journey we have embarked on, with some really good highs and some really lousy lows. In the end... I keep trusting that it is worth every second.

We need to find a time to talk again... so many stories to swap.