Tuesday, December 22, 2009

What's sexier than sex?

I interrupt this otherwise normal blog to discuss the nastiness that has permeated our home----it is ringworm and it is on my face, on my daughter's face and threatening to overtake our life. Not really, but if you ever Google images of ringworm you will get the idea that you will never again be without it. Any suggestions? I'm sure other adoptive families have had it and I want to know what to do about it (we have OTC cream) and how long it will last!

It's kinda like lice or flies or bedbugs...once you hear about it, you are convinced that it is taking over your body and you itch and see it appearing all over the place!

Yuck and Happiest of Holidays! :)


Mark and Heidi said...

Oh, man, yucky! I used to teach elementary school in Seattle and lice was a huge problem, so I know how you feel! I think the folks at theeyesofmyeyes.blogspot.com said something about ring worm when they first got home. Good luck, and please share anything you learn!!!

Maribeth said...

First and foremost.... she is so beautiful! In that pic with Y and M, what a smile. I just love it!

Second... good luck. Ringworm is a bear. If I hadn't let my Illinois license lapse, I'd call something in for you guys. If it's not gone in a week or 2 with the OTC's, I'd get into a doc and get a prescription. One of the boys has already been treated once, so we may be doing the same battle.

Can't wait to be regaled with your stories from the trip.

Tara said...

I'm so sorry to hear about the ring worm :( I am trying to remember back to Bantu days when this came up a lot ... I'm pretty sure it kept kids out of school and they went to the doctor but I don't remember what exactly was prescribed! How unhelpful is that?!

A very very Merry Christmas to you and your family!!

MleBlanche said...

I certainly hope the ringworm is gone by now. I totally understand. Andrew seemed to get it from our cat when he was a newborn, combined with a staff infection from the hospital it made for a very stressful start to motherhood. We were referred to tea-tree oil though it needs to be diluted with another oil, jojoba was what we used. We unfortunately had recurrences on and off for about 6 mo.

Julia said...

I've heard that the Ethiopian version can be a bear to get rid of. I wouldn't waste much time on OTC stuff. Get thee to an internationally experienced doc.